Recent Publications

Intestinal Helminths Regulate Lethal Acute Graft

Bioluminescence imaging Helminths effect on Graft vs. Host Disease and Graft vs. Tumor using Ami X Imaging System

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Genomic profiling of a Hepatocyte growth factor‑dependent signature

Bioluminescence imaging of MET-targeted therapy in glioblastoma model using Ami Imaging System

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Bone marrow derived myeloid cells orchestrate antiangiogenic resistance in glioblastoma

Optical fluorescence imaging using an Ami X Imaging System

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Development Of A Catheter-Based Applicator For Immuno-Oncology

Small animal bioluminescence imaging using a Lago Imaging System

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Spectral Instruments Imaging - Preclinical Imaging at its’ Best

Spectral Instruments Imaging (SI Imaging) was developed to build the best preclinical optical imaging systems on the market today. Founders with years of industry experience developing CCD cameras and in vivo imaging systems teamed up to create two optical imaging systems, the Ami and Lago. Both systems deliver unparalleled sensitivity levels, intuitive software, and reliable hardware all at an affordable price. Both Ami and Lago optical imaging systems have the ability to be equipped with x-ray imaging and a multitude of filters. Contact us today to learn how Spectral Instruments Imaging can provide you the best optical imaging system for your specific needs.