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Spectral Instruments Imaging manufactures instruments for pre-clinical optical (bioluminescent, fluorescent) and X-ray imaging. The company  was founded by the coming together of pre-clinical optical imaging pioneers ( Xenogen), Bo Nelson and Mike Cable, and recognized industry leaders in CCD camera technology Keith Copeland and Gary Sims. Read more here about how the founding team came together and continue to help guide SI Imaging to a high growth future.

At Spectral Instruments we are committed to disrupting the status quo of incumbents who are content to delivering earlier generation products, built on aging platforms and indifferent specifications. We are also committed to providing state of the art technologies in an authentic and value-evident manner.

Keith Copeland, Founder and CEO

_D0A9966Keith co-founded SI Imaging to help innovate and bring to market the next generation molecular imaging system. This built upon his extensive experience in camera technology as CEO of Spectral Instruments, which he continues to run.  Prior to that he lead the development team and then ran manufacturing at Ventana Medical Systems (Roche) for the first Immunohistochemistry instrument. He started out his career doing mechanical design on CCD cameras at Photometrics (Roper).

“From a business standpoint, this is the next logical step forward for us in that we have provided for many years the key component for others to produce high quality imaging systems. Now designing and producing systems that go directly to the end user for turnkey applications is a business I’m really excited about developing and growing.”

When he isn’t building advanced camera or imaging technology he is out on the Salt Flats racing the world’s fastest custom modified car at 380 miles per hour. Check out more at blacksaltracing.com


Bo Nelson, Founder and Chief Technical Officer

Bo ConferenceBo is one of the original members of the team that developed the Xenogen IVIS® systems prior to Xenogen’s acquisition by Caliper Life Sciences. For seven years, Bo was in charge of the Instrumentation department of Xenogen, where he led the team that produced, calibrated, installed, serviced and supported the entire IVIS product line and accessories. Bo has additionally worked at both Lawrence Livermore Laboratories and General Atomics, where he has become very familiar with the instrumentation needs of scientific teams.


“In my time at Xenogen, we routinely used Spectral Instruments cameras in our quest to build the best system possible because SI cameras were and are simply the best.  I’m thrilled to be part of the SI Imaging team and am really enjoying partnering my systems expertise with their camera expertise.”

Andrew Van Praagh, Lead Applications Scientist

Andrew is an In Vivo imaging Applications Specialist who has trained investigators globally in their use of optical, molecular imaging devices to evaluate pre-clinical pathology models, specifically in the fields of oncology, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and inflammation. After receiving his doctorate in Microbiology from the University of Massachusetts, Andrew worked as a Scientist at Cubist Pharmaceuticals, using non-invasive optical imaging to evaluate candidate antibiotics PD studies. Over the past 8 years, Andrew has worked as a Field Applications Scientist at Carestream Molecular Imaging and Bruker BioSpin, and later as a Lab Manager leading optical, microCT and MRI demonstrations at a Bruker Preclinical Imaging Lab. In his recreational free time, Andrew is hard-riding road cyclist and a quiet, observant bee keeper.