10 Mouse High Throughput (HT) Manifold

10-mouse manifold

Spectral Instruments Imaging introduces breakthrough 10-Mouse High Throughput (HT) Manifold across Bioluminescence, Fluorescence and X-Ray (BLI, FLI, X-Ray) for its flagship Lago and Lago X imaging instruments.

The new 10 Mouse High Throughput (HT) Manifold is part of Spectral Imaging’s HT initiative, a comprehensive suite of features and services that enables imaging cores, big pharma and other teams to finally realize the benefits of larger sample sizes and accelerated imaging cycles.

This HT initiative which includes free, unlimited license of AMIView imaging software, high availability design of the Lago and Ami hardware, and a specialized research centric support commitment.

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Sharon S. Hori, Sheen-Woo Lee, Sanjiv Sam Gambhir (Canary Center at Stanford, Stanford University School of Medicine)

Sharon S. Hori, Sheen-Woo Lee, Sanjiv Sam Gambhir (Canary Center at Stanford, Stanford University School of Medicine)

The 10-Mouse High Throughput (HT) Manifold features an innovative “slim” center manifold connecting two rows of five mice each in a nose to nose layout. The accessory is fully X-Ray compatible, building on the Lago X’s ultra-wide 23cm x 25cm FOV for X-Ray.

The design is optimized for balanced anesthesia output while dramatically reducing any waste with integrated evacuation around nose cones.

With no detail being too small, specialized mouse dividers that are easy to attach but lock rigidly in place. And finally the manifold is designed from the start for easy cleaning and disinfection working wit all standard lab disinfectants.

This design results in a highly efficient use of the active imaging area – either due to mice tails or due to the manifold frame itself.

When used in combination with the ultra-wide FOV for Lago and Lago X (25cm x 25 cm), the largest in its class, the new manifold delivers an unprecedented 100% more effective throughput across BLI, FLI and X-Ray over comparable instruments such as the IVIS® Spectrum.

This creates an unbeatable combination when used with the ultra-wide 25 cm x 25 cm FOV for Bioluminescence, Fluorescence in the Lago and Lago X and an unmatched 23 x 25 FOV for X-Ray in the Lago X.

A 5-Mouse High Throughput X-ray compatible manifold is also available for the mid-range Ami an Ami X.  And for completeness the Lago features a manifold for 2 rats and the Ami features a manifold for 1 rat.

The new HT initiative not only sets a benchmark for translation dependent studies such as oncology or immunology research. It also addresses the growing interest in more statistically founded, larger sample sizes in small animal studies.