The Lago and X‐Ray capable Lago X optical imaging systems provide a powerful and flexible in vivo imaging capability suitable for imaging cores, specialist researchers and small teams, delivering an unmatched 10 mouse capacity across BLI, FLI and X‐Ray.

Using Lago and Lago X, researchers in pharma, academia, biotech as well as global CROs can conduct optical imaging system for studying small animal disease model progression, response to therapy, and cell migration in‐vivo.

The cutting edge patented LED based illumination and Faint Signal detection provide unprecedented power and previously unattained sensitivity for FLI and BLI. The Lago and Lago X are also suited where early detection and marking disease progression is of value.

The Lago and Lago X come equipped for the largest native field of view (FOV) on the market based on comparable products from other vendors (for example – the IVIS® Spectrum).

In fact the Lago and Lago X provides an industry leading 25 cm x 25 cm field of view (FOV) for BLI and FLI. In addition the Lago X provides a 25cm x 22cm FOV for X‐Ray.

This enables the Lago and Lago X to provide an unprecedented and unmatched 10 mouse capacity across BLI, FLI and X-Ray.

The IVIS® Spectrum, in contrast, provides a 10 mouse capacity only for BLI.

Thus Lago and Lago X are able to deliver unprecedented High Throughput capability for critical vaccine research, oncology and other translational studies that also require large sample sizes.

The Lago is field upgradeable for X-Ray to the same spec as the Lago X. And like the Ami the Lago can also be ordered with an available Access Port or have it added in the lab at a later date. This allows teams to procure within initial spend limits and upgrade as future demand and budgets.

When deployed in redundant configurations, the Lago and Lago X provide nearly non‐stop round the clock capabilities for high workload imaging cores.

The Lago comes equipped with a solid state air‐cooled camera and state of the high performance imaging capabilities.

Free, unlimited copies of AMIView software, coupled with competitive support plans, and low entry cost make the Lago the sensible choice for many researchers.

The Lago and Lago X imaging systems are designed from the ground up using precision 3rd generation components to provide a stable, high quality package for optical preclinical imaging. The Lago and Lago X are Absolutely Calibrated.


  • Fluorescent Imaging
  • Bioluminescent Imaging
  • X‐Ray Imaging
  • Ultra-High Throughput
  • 10 mouse capacity for BLI, FLI and X‐Ray
  • Pure LED Illumination (patented)
  • 100X Light Intensity on specimen
  • 14 LED Wavelengths from 360 nm to 805 nm
  • 20 Emission Filters Included From 490 nm to 870 nm
  • Custom Emission Filters For Plant Imaging
  • Advanced Faint Image Acquisition
  • Solid State Cooled CCD Camera (–90C), no leaks.
  • High Performance Imager
  • CCD Camera w Back Illumination
  • Ultra‐wide industry leading 25cm x 25cm FOV
  • Up to 5 steps from min to max FOV
  • X‐Ray FOV is 25cm x 22cm
  • 50kV X‐Ray Source
  • Field Upgrade X‐Ray
  • Field Upgrade for Access Port
  • Absolutely Calibrated
  • Acquisition PC and Monitor included
  • AMIView Image Analysis Software – Unlimited Free Copies
  • Vertical Sliding door with reduced Waste Anesthesia Gas.
  • Rigid ‘Strong Back’ High Integrity Structure
  • 13 month Warranty Included