Press: High Throughput (HT) In Vivo Imaging across BLI, FLI and X-Ray for Pre-Clinical Research Professionals: Spectral Instruments Imaging

AACR, Washington DC, April 2nd.
Spectral Instruments Imaging announces the immediate availability of its High Throughput (HT) capability, a comprehensive suite of features and services delivering an unprecedented 100% more effective throughput across BLI, FLI and X-Ray over comparable instruments.

The comprehensive suite of hardware, software and services that make up HT is available in both its Ami and Lago product lines. The Lago and Lago X now offer a stunning 10-mouse capacity across BLI, FLI, X-Ray using a combination of a large multi-modal FOV (25 cm x 25 cm) and an innovative multi-mode 10 mouse manifold.

This not only sets a new benchmark for translation dependent studies such as oncology or immunology research. It also addresses the growing interest in more statistically founded, larger sample sizes in small animal studies. Likewise, the Ami and Ami X provide a category leading 5 mouse capacity across all modalities BLI, FLI and X-Ray.`

Spectral Instruments Imaging is adding to the HT capability by providing free unlimited license copies of its workflow based, researcher centric AMIView Imaging software. This means labs can enable their extended team to image on their desktops, no longer lab bound – providing a boost to productivity and effective throughput. It also means labs no longer having to pay parasitic software license and support fees year after year.

The HT initiative is fully supported by the high reliability design of the Lago and Ami hardware delivering record uptime, and by Spectral Instruments Imaging’s research centric support commitment. Together reliability and support drive high availability and more effective throughput.

Spectral Instruments Imaging’s HT establishes a new high ground for how imaging cores, big pharma and other fast moving research teams can study disease progression and drug discovery with dramatically higher throughput and more meaningful larger sample sizes.

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Spectral Instruments Imaging is committed to disrupting the status quo of incumbents who are content to delivering earlier generation products built on aging platforms and indifferent specifications. We are also committed to providing state of the art technologies in an authentic and value-evident manner.

Spectral Instruments Imaging (SI Imaging) was founded by the coming together of pre-clinical optical imaging pioneers Bo Nelson and Mike Cable (previously with Xenogen), and recognized industry leaders in CCD camera technology Keith Copeland and Gary Sims.
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