Imaging is not just what you see.

But also what you don’t!

Spectral Instruments Imaging (SI Imaging) is committed to engineering excellently, innovating simply and integrating deeply. What it means is that our instruments use purpose built components – starting with a specialized deep-cooled ultra-high performance camera, delivering 36% more sensitivity than leading devices in the market


And by providing a clear uninterrupted path from pure LED source to the specimen delivering 100X greater light intensity than comparable instruments from others.

Still with us? Here’s everything you wanted to know about CCD Read Noise and Dark current – a great primer on how physics affects your research. Camera Biases and Binning – we’ll tell you all about that too… just click here.  And if you want to know why Absolute Calibration absolutely affects your research… we can talk about that too.

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And then there are the thoughtful touches. Such as making sure that a mouse can’t get stuck under the platform or mess it up if it wakes up during imaging. We call it innovating simply. And there’s more.

At SI Imaging we are geeks at heart and love talking research and technology. We also love learning from you.

Drop us a line or stop by and see us at many of the industry events and trade-shows we exhibit at. Of course you can call our offices or just stop by and we’d be glad to show you around.