36%_color Faint Signal Detection

Lago Minimum Detectable Radiance is 45 photons/sec/cm^2/sr. The Lago specification is 36% better than the IVIS® Spectrum specification of 70 photos/sec/cm^2/sr.

High Intensity Pure LED

At 465 nm Kino, Ami HT and Lago deliver ~ 100x times more light on specimen than competitors. It accomplishes this by having the fewest Steps from Source to Surface. There is no fiber bundle, no filter wheel and 100X the power!  Just a patented Pure LED Source technology.

 20-270_color Largest Natural Field of View

Spectral Ami HT and Lago provide a much larger FOV than the leading competitors in the market. Unlike others the Ami HT and Lago field of view is inherent in the design and not modified by gimmicky expander lenses that don’t perform well and introduce unwanted artifacts.

Deeply Cooled

Ami HT, Kino and Lago both boast a deeply cooled camera that has very low dark current. Plus the solid state cooling means zero chances of a coolant leak or failures due to more complex equipment.

Read more about CCD Read Noise and Dark Current here 

  The Absolute Advantage
Instruments from same vendor without absolute calibration behave differently. Instruments from different vendors but absolutely calibrated compare easily.
With absolute calibration you can compare across platforms and you can compare across time. SI Imaging’s Ami HT and Lago set the ‘gold standard’ for absolute calibration.  Read more in depth here…